Gratitude - The Album by Rafa Kao & Cam harris

Tinnie House Records present Gratitude, the album by Rafa Kao and Cam Harris. Question? What do you 'need to know' when two deck magicians from Brazil and Aotearoa meld and mix up aroha and gratidão?

Answer: Aurally that you'll experience an eight track kaleideoscope of unmissable, deep, dope, ecclectic, techy, musical bliss, with a wee acidic twist and then some..

Because just when you thought you were fully immersed in one tune on that dance floor, dink, blink and you'll totally be transmuted somewhere else with the next chink.. Whatever you do, as winter flicks autumn out the door? Don't be 'the one' who forgets to add this album to your non-chilled and lead me to the club warmers.

Utterly transfixing from one vocal offering to the next.. Grateful? You betcha you will be.

Stream the whole album preview here.


Also the release party over here, all funds raised from this will go into supporting the production and costs involved in the making of this masterpiece.