Interview with Dave Seaman

Ahead of the highly anticipated new festival Sonorous in Matakana on the 5th of february we put together a questionnaire for the legendary Dave Seaman.

Q: Its your 3rd or 4th visit to New Zealand shortly, whats something that you've been missing or wanting to check out while being here?

To be totally honest, I’ve not really spent that much time in New Zealand. Every time I’ve been it’s pretty much been in and and out due to heavy touring schedules. I’d love to have more time to check out places but with the workload that comes with touring, Producing and running the label these days as well as having a family back in the UK, I just don’t have to the luxury of much downtime. Given half a chance though, I’d love to check out your wine regions. That would be ace!

Q: What advice would you give to a young and aspiring Producer/DJ looking to succeed on the international circuit?

Be patient, look to build relationships for the long term, be prepared for a lot of hard work, don’t take your eye off the ball, don’t waste money unnecessarily and most of all enjoy it. Every step of the way!

Q: Name 5 of your all time anthems from your personal collection? could be current, could be a classic, could even not be totally electronic?

Ha! That’s almost impossible. You might as well be asking me to choose a favourite child! ‘Gorecki’ by Lamb is one that always springs to mind. ‘Let The Music Use You’ by the Nightwriters and more recently, Arcade Fire’s ‘Reflektor’. I could probably give you 500 easier than I could give you 5!

Q: What was the one turning point in your career that excelled you onto the international scene?

Probably the early success of Brothers In Rhythm got my name out there around the world. Working with such internationally renowned acts a Pet Shop Boys and Kylie undoubtedly had a knock on effect.

Q: What's your favourite tip, trick or instrument when making music?

Have two or three things on the boil at the same time so that if you hit a bit of a brick wall with one you can move onto something else to try to keep positive and productive.

Q: As a young aspiring Dave Seaman, who were your idols that inspired you to become who you are today?

Graeme Park and Mike Pickering every Friday at The Hacienda in Manchester 1989/90.

Q: Who is your most favourite DJ of all time?

John Peel

Q: Name one Producer/DJ rising up through the ranks that you believe we should keep an eye out for?

Steve Parry

Q: Q, Where do you see Progressive House in the next 10 years?

I don’t really consider such things to be honest. It will be here in some form or other and it’s the circular nature of fashion for it to go in and out of vogue so who knows what part of the cycle it will be in a decade from now but I’m more focused on the here and now. I generally find analyzing past events or rehearsing for hypothetical situations a bit of a waste of precious time.

Q: Where does your inspiration for music come from and what are your favourite memories associated with your own music?

Inspiration can come from anywhere. From a beautiful day on the beach, to playing with my kids or seeing a fantastic movie. Anywhere! Sometimes from the places you least expect it. As far favourite memories, there are way too many too mention here and sorry but I’m saving them all for my memoirs anyway! lol ;-)


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