Interview with Javi Bora + Live Mix From Ink Bar, Auckland, 6/5/2017

Javi Bora recently toured New Zealand & Australia with shows in Auckland, Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne. After a massive night with us and new friend Simone Liberali at Ink bar, Collude's Brett Bronze racked his brain to see what else we could get out of him.

Q: Where does your inspiration for music come from and what are your favourite memories associated with your own music?

A: All my life I have been involved with music. I started listening to the vinyl collection of my father from when I was a child and from when I was 13 years old I started to play and study music. I was playing in bands a long time ago playing latin percussions, so my inspirations are my roots. My father's life involved a lot of passion for music. I have a lot of memories from the music, I remember playing congas with some Cuban percussionists, playing percussion with the diva Barbara Tucker in Ibiza, listening to vinyl with my father, playing as a resident DJ at the best club in the world Space Ibiza, playing around the world in big festivals... many great memories with the thing that I love, the music.

Q: What is the best feedback you have received and who was it from?

A: I especially remember when Laurent Garnier supported one of my own productions with Melohman a long time ago and Garnier told me that he absolutely looooooveeee our tracks. Was so nice that moment, I was very young! I have received big supports from a lot of keys DJ's playing my tracks as Loco Dice, Steve Lawler, and many others.

Q: If you could start fresh, what would you do differently?

A: I would do the same, be as I am, do what I want and do my best. Enjoy the music and respect everybody! To be honest I'm happy with my music career.

Q: What other genres of music do you listen to the most?

A: I'm a music lover. I love many styles of music. I'm a musician playing instruments for all my life and I really love African music, soul, funk, jazz... A lot of old school music... Roots!

Q: What's the best thing you've ever seen at a festival?

A: Seeing more than 20,000 smiley faces just in front me with hands up while I was playing. It is great see people enjoying themselves :)

Q: Which musicians inspire you today?

A: Many old musicians as Quincy Jones, Fela Kuti... and musicians of these days as Mr. G, Robert Hood, Chez Damier, Ron Trent, Henrik Schwarz.

Q: What makes you the happiest?

A: Seeing the people happy. This life is to give love and receive love. Some of the most important things for me are my family, my friends and the great people that I'm meeting around the world! Also the animals, we have to take care of them because they are the same as humans and have a great heart!

Q: What sports and teams do you follow?

A: I love sports but in this moment I don't follow so much. But I like to bodyboard, paddle and play football with my nephews when I have time.

Q: Who are your favourite up and coming DJ's?

A: The are some new newcomer DJ/producers that are very talented. I really like the music of Out & About, IAAM, Paco Wegmann. They make awesome music that I play a lot!

Q: What label that you are not affiliated with would you recommend the most?

A: I really like the labels Classic Music Company, M-Plant, Phoenix G and others.

Q: Where is your favourite place to travel to in the world?

A: Japan. What an amazing country! I've played there a few times and I love it. Although I also feel in love with New Zealand & Australia, amazing places of the world!

Q: Will we ever see you again in New Zealand after this?

A: I hope I come back soon to play in your amazing country. The Collude party at Ink Bar was awesome! I enjoyed playing at that party a lot. I had great feedback from the people that came to dance, they were amazing! Was a great experience.

Q: Favourite tune right now?

A: To be honest, my upcoming production with Paco Wegmann on Steve Lawler's label VIVa Music named "Hip Not Hipster" It's a bomb! It will be out in June 2017!

Javi Bora
(Just Groove Ibiza I VIVa Music I Suara I Defected)

Check out almost all of Javi's 2 hour set recorded right here at Aucklands Ink Bar, New Zealand - brought to you by Collude.

Listen and Download here (Soundcloud)

Recorded live @ Ink Bar (Auckland, New Zealand)