Lovebirds Auckland Interview

Back with another in depth interview, Brett compiled a few questions for Sebastian to get a little bit of inside information ahead of the Lovebirds show coming up at Ink bar.

Kia Ora Sebastian, thank you for taking the time to talk with us in the lead up to your show in December. 

Q: What is your all time personal favourite release and what makes it so special to you? 

A: God why do we need these superlatives all the time? ;) it’s somehow hard to say as I’m not really raving so much about my productions… probably "In the Shadows“. It's such a special tune, to me it has this “I Feel love“ Donna Summer vibe to it and the way it builds is probably the best arrangement I ever did, from the first demo onwards it smashed every floor.

Q: Where was your most memorable performance, and one track from it that stood out from the rest? 

A: Well memory is a special subject - I tend to forget easily. Maybe because it’s all partying in a club? Last year at Revolver was a proper magic moment when I played “In the Shadows” or the year before at the Warehouse in Melbourne where people were lifting a guy in a wheelchair on top of the crowd.

Q: Describe the evolution of your sound.

A: It started with a blend of soul/disco/house in 1990 and that’s where I still am.

Q: Explain the choice in the name Lovebirds. 

A: No but let me tell you my 3 favorite animals: Cat, Monkey & Squirrel!

Q: In regards to new artists, genres and sound, what can we expect from your set in New Zealand? 

A: I try to have a bit of a spectrum in my sets so probably some deep stuff, more disco/sample stuff, new tunes, classics.

Q: Can you offer any tips for new producers wanting to craft their sound in a way that is different to others? 

A: Really depends a lot on the style they want to produce. In general less gear/plugins is more which results in really knowing the few pieces that you´re using, and hardware can be easier to focus on. Get an MPC and a good all-round synth like a Juno and try to just make tracks with that, and if you don’t have already - learn to play an instrument!

Q: What or who influences you the most in making music?

A: The late 70’s and early 80’s (Patrick Adams, Quincy Jones) and the first half of the 90’s (Kerri Chandler, MK, MAW, Todd Terry).

Q: What comes to mind when you think of New Zealand?

A: How amazing the countryside must be, ah and Sauvignon Blanc.

Q: How big is your personal record collection?

A: Dunno, I stopped buying vinyl a long time ago. probably 1500?

Q: Name one record label that you are not affiliated with that you would recommend. 

A: Prelude Records

Q: Who is your favourite DJ of all time? 

A: I have heard Moodyman 3 times and it was brilliant every time.

Q: What are your hobbies outside of music?

A: Drinking red wine and cooking!

Q: What are your thoughts on the current direction of the dance music scene? 

A: Just recently I thought about why I released so much more music in the beginning of lovebirds and came to realize that the music scene was much more exciting 10 years ago coming from years of tech, minimal house and electro domination. If I listen to house / deep house or disco tracks from that time - what exactly did change or develop since then? not much I think. It’s retro this, retro that but nothing that stands out. So I have been doing much less house in the studio.

Q: If you could live in another country where would that be?

A: If Australia wasn't so far away it would be my choice, but Italy is a very good contender!

Q: Summarize 2017 for us including places travelled and things achieved.

A: I´ve been to Brazil, Bali, USA, South Africa and all over Europe. Very often in London this year. I achieved to buy an ARP 2600, a Prophet 5 and 3 Tape delays!

Q: What can we expect from you in 2018? 

A: I will try to buy not more synths as I think I really have a good set up!


You can catch Sebastian aka Lovebirds at Ink bar on Friday December 1st.

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